A custom website design for a leading solar company based in South Florida

The goal of this project was to help a solar panel company transform their audience from B2C to B2B, all while retaining the ability to sell their services directly to consumers but focusing heavily on obtaining partners. These partners will be individuals in sales whom are either looking to sell solar panels or already have the experience selling solar panels, or contractors who have experience installing solar panels that need a little bit of support on the customer service and project management side of things.

I was tasked with understanding the general information flow that they were looking for as well as creating a user journey that will attract sellers and installers to partner with Urban Solar. This process began with understanding their target audience and what benefits they were offering to their potential partners. The next phase was putting together lo-fidelity wireframes that would lay out the flow of information that such a site needed. The final step was adding UI styles and elements to match their current branding and give the impression of a high-end, tech-focused company.

User Personas
UI/UX Design
Lo-Fidelity Prototype/Wireframing
Hi-Fidelity Prototype
Lo-fidelity Wireframe Prototype
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