A custom shopping experience built on one of the biggest eCommerce platforms.

My team was tasked with re-creating an online shopping experience for a local company that sells peanut butter protein snack bars. My role in this project was to assist the design team and craft a user experience that solved a few of the company’s paint points that they have experienced with their customers on their old website. In addition, I was tasked with the Shopify web development of this project, building a custom theme using Shopify Liquid, SASS/SCSS, & Javascript/jQuery.

The goals for the new website included creating a designated wholesale store for distributors that was exclusive to only those accounts, enhancing the way they currently process product subscriptions, and most importantly creating a way where users can build their own variety box out of the many flavors that they offer.

UX Design Collaboration
Shopify Custom Theme Development
Liquid / Javascript / SASS
Project Management
Initial UX Design of Box Builder

With the challenge of Shopify and its unique data structure and general way of doing things, it was really important that I become the bridge between the design world and the development world to make sure everything was achieved within the project scope. For this reason, I was tasked with putting together the initial idea of how the build your own variety box was to work shown above.

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