Digital Designer

& Front-End Developer
& UI/UX Designer
& Project Manager
Hi there! My name is Melissa — but you can call me Missy!

I am experienced in designing and developing digital experiences that not only perform great but look great, too (whoever said looks don’t matter was dead wrong — well — at least in the context of the digital world).

The do-er of all things… yep that’s me.

Some of my specialties include Front-end web development on leading CMS’s like WordPress and Shopify, User Research and Design, Interaction Design and Team/Project/Client Management. Although those things are my strong suit — I also have other tools in my shed including marketing design (print ads, social media, etc.), SEO/digital marketing, video editing, 2D animation, and some would say that I have a way with words… What can I say, I don’t like to limit myself!

I know, I know — I am talking WAY too much… (and my overuse of the em dash is just nauseating) Sorry, I just LOVE meeting new people. Feel free to look around and stay for a while, we all could use the company these days.

User Research
Digital Marketing/SEO
Project/Team Management
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